Business Licensing Guide

The Governor's Office of Economic Development wants to make the licensing and permitting process as simple and painless as possible for your business. Here at your fingertips are the necessary contacts for getting your business up and running. We are glad to be of assistance, helping you to navigate through this process. There is no general business license for the State of Montana. However, some cities do require a local business license. Check with your City's government offices.

Commerce logoDepartment of Commerce

The Montana Department of Commerce's Business Resources Division provides a business license guide as a tool to help individuals discover which state, federal or local office they need to contact for professional licenses and business certifications.

DEQ logoDepartment of Environmental Quality

Visit the Montana Department of Environmental Quality's website for your environmental permitting, licensing, accreditation, certification, application needs. For any specific questions you have, please feel free to contact the Permitting and Compliance Division. The Permitting and Compliance Division (PCD) reviews and assesses all environmental permit and license applications to determine the correct control measures and requirements needed to meet the laws and rules that have been enacted to protect the quality of the state's air, water, and land.

State logoDepartment of Labor & Industry

The Montana Department of Labor & Industry's Business Standards Division consists of the Building Codes, Business and Occupational Licensing, Health Care Licensing and Weights and Measures Bureaus. The site offers a multitude of features for license application and license renewal or for checking the status of the licensed professional you are conducting business with through the Licensee Lookup System. With just a few clicks of your mouse, you can download building, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and elevator permit applications.

Revenue logoDepartment of Revenue

The Montana Department of Revenue's Customer Service Center is available to assist you on licensing requirements. You can reach a customer service representative at (406) 444-6900 or obtain more information at their web site.

State logoSecretary of State

For information on how to Launch a new business.

All businesses and non-profits are required to register with the Montana Secretary of State's office. You can find all of the business filing forms online at the Secretary of State's website.