Montana's Economy

It is common knowledge that Montana is a world-class tourist destination. But our economy is built upon much more than our pretty face and rich culture and history. Montana means business! In addition to the traditional natural resource and extraction industry, many companies are discovering that Montana is a state full of economic possibilities, with thriving technology and biotechnology sectors, advances in value-added agriculture, innovative energy developments, and more.

Billings sky line

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For the most up-to-date information on Montana employment and labor force trends, visit Montana Department of Labor and Industry's Research and Analysis Bureau. You will find reports on statewide and county labor market information, write-ups on statewide employment trends by industry, specific industry developments around Montana, research articles, and more. You can view their monthly publication, Montana Economy at a Glance, a one-page bulletin that provides a snapshot of Montana's economy, including national, state and county unemployment rates; weekly earnings compared to U.S. inflation; and economic highlights of interest.

Montana Ecomomy at a Glance

Check out the Montana Department of Transportation for maps of Montana's cities, counties, rail systems, highways, natural resource interactives, and more.