Montana Transportation Facts

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  • There are more public road miles in Montana than Interstate miles in the entire U.S.
  • Over 82% of all manufactured goods are moved in and out of Montana by truck.
  • 93% of Montana's agricultural products are shipped out of state by rail.
  • Montana has 15 state owned airports, 118 public use airports, and over 350 private use airports.
  • There are about 70,000 miles of public highways and roads in Montana. The department is responsible for over 10,900 miles of highway and about 2,100 bridges.


Montana has 15 state owned airports, 118 public use airports, and over 350 private use airports. Montana has strong air-service for both passengers and freight. Commercial air service enplanements increased 26.1% and commercial airfreight increased 71% from 1993-1999. Modern planes and well-trained aviation professionals provide easy access to national and international markets. Commercial air service to Montana cities is provided by several major airlines including Delta, Northwest, United, Skywest, Big Sky and Horizon. Click here to view Montana's Aeronautics Information


There are more public road miles (70,000 miles) in Montana than Interstate Highway miles in the entire 50 US States. Montana is criss-crossed by three Interstate Highways: I-15, I-90 and I-94, which provide excellent east-west and north-south access. I-15 serves as a direct link to Salt Lake City, I-90 links Montana to Denver and I-94 is a direct connection to Minneapolis. Montana borders three Canadian provinces, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan. The National Highway System recognizes I-15 (CANAMEX) and I-90 (CAMINO REAL) as "high priority trade corridors" in Montana. Click here to view Montana's Highway Map


Montana's rail system includes approximately 3,500 miles of track and is served by two major rail companies Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) and Union Pacific. BNSF has 2,135 miles of track and in 1999 transported 1,570,046 carloads across Montana. Several local railroad companies and two regional rail companies also serve Montana, including Montana Rail Link with 812 miles of track. Click here to view Montana's Rail Map


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Web-based companies with international footprints are successfully growing in communities throughout Montana. Our advanced telecommunications infrastructure allows these businesses to locate wherever they choose.

Montana's 10 local exchange companies and numerous other telecommunications service providers offer advanced voice, data and video telecommunications services to business and residential consumers throughout the state. More than 5,000 miles of fiber optics link Montana's rural communities and urban centers with high-speed, broadband on-ramps to the Internet. A packet-switched, ATM-based fiber ring connects 90 full-motion distance learning videoconference sites in rural Montana communities.

More than 80% of the state's population lives within 50 miles of a DS-3 direct connection to the Internet. The entire state has local dial-up connectivity to the Internet. Montana's switching architecture is 100% digital. High-speed cable-modem and DSL (digital subscriber line) services are being deployed not only in Montana's larger population centers, but also in remote communities with populations of 1,000 and under.

Development Parks

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One thing Montana is not short on is open space. We have plenty of room for your business to grow and expand. In addition to our wide-open spaces, we have a variety of industrial, technology, business parks, and tax increment financing districts for your business to thrive in. Check out these examples of parks available to you. Come see the abundant land and building space options in our communities.