Quality of Life

Montana provides pristine beauty and an excellent quality of life. But they don't come at a high cost. In fact, most of our cities are at or below the national average when it comes to cost of living. In Montana the median price for a home is $99,500, which is 84.3% of the national average, compared to median prices of $211,500 in California or $166,600 in Colorado.

beautiful Montana scene

Quality Education

Montana prides itself on providing a quality education for all Montanans. We consistently rank among the leaders in the nation in many statistical categories. Businesses that locate here reap major benefits from our educated, motivated workforce. Our dedicated teachers and professors are some of the best in the nation. And with a student/teacher ratio well below the national average, teachers have the opportunity to effectively instruct their students. You may search this database for more information about our public schools.

Education Spending per Student (2002)

Recreational Opportunities & the Arts

Montana is the 4th largest state in the union. With over 145,000 square miles and a population of more than 920,000, there's a lot of elbowroom here - and a lot of room to play.

You'd be hard pressed to find a better state in which to hike, fish, hunt, or camp. Montana's two national parks, Glacier and Yellowstone, are among the finest in the world. Our sky-scraping mountains lend themselves to some fantastic ski slopes, and our more than 9,000 rivers, streams, spring creeks, lakes and reservoirs make for the perfect playground.

Bust lest you think we're only about nature, consider our rich history and culture too! We have hundreds of museums offering an inside look at everything from dinosaur digs (Montana has yielded more dinosaur fossils than just about anywhere else on earth) to Western history to contemporary art. The historic Lewis and Clark Trail, the Nez Perce Trail and famous battlefields such as The Little Bighorn (site of "Custer's Last Stand") are all here. So are symphonies, opera companies, ballet companies and other performing arts. You'll even find other cultures on our seven Indian reservations, filled with powwows, crafts and the heritage of Montana's original residents.

Advanced Health Care

Montana's network of hospitals provide obstetrics, surgery, emergency services, ambulance services, comprehensive cancer treatment centers, and a full range of other services with state-of-the-art equipment. Montana is host to two Veterans' hospitals, a psychiatric care hospital, and an internationally known genetics center as well.

Low Cost of Living

Most of our cities are at or below the national average when it comes to cost of living. Affordable housing is available in some of the most beautiful country on Earth.

Cost of Living
ACCRA Cost-of-Living Index report published in 2004
(This index measures relative price levels for consumer goods and services. The average for all participating places equals 100.)

Safe Communities

It would be a slight exaggeration to say there's no crime in Montana, but we're working on it. Low-crime statistics for Montana lend credence to our reputation as a great place to live and raise a family.

For a look at statistical information at the US Department of Justice, please visit their website.